NAP Credits

Why should you donate to SWI?

A tax credit is equal to 70% of eligible contributions. The tax credit is used to offset an eligible donor’s income tax liability and is claimed when the donor files their Missouri tax return. The credit may be used against taxes owed for the year of the donation plus five additional tax periods

TYPES OF DONATIONS to qualify for tax credits, donations must be given directly to the approved NAP organization during the authorized project period, and donations must be applied to the NAP project. The value of a donation cannot include sales tax or profit margin.

These are eligible contributors:

Corporations: MO Form 1120
Farm Operation: Fed Form 1040, Schedule F, MO for 1040
Financial Institution: MO Financial Tax Return
Partnership, Individual In partnership or Shareholder in S-Corp Individual (Rental Income): Federal Form 1040 MO Form 1040 forms above or Schedule E
Insurance Company: MO insurance tax return with the MO Dept. of Insurance
LLC: MO Form 1120, 1120S or 1065
Partnership: MO Form 1065
Sole Proprietorship: Federal Form 1040 Schedule C and MO Form 1040
Small Business Corp (SCorp): MO Form 1120S

If interested, call or email Lisa McAninch. or call 417 866 2339 and ask for Lisa.

These are the people you will be helping to have dignified employment and a safe place to work.